We all know that finding solid Jeet Kune Do Instruction is getting tougher and more difficult. Trying to find a credible instructor in your area is usually hard enough (if there is one at all). If you try to surf through Youtube for JKD videos, you'll be confused by the unorganized mish mash of topics, instructors, and bits and pieces of information. The constant searching and run around can leave even the most motivated person depressed and wasting tons of time. These are just two of the reasons I created the JKD Newsletter and JKD Summit Seminars, which was held last March in Chicago. It was an avalanche of Jeet Kune Do info which kept even the most seasoned practitioner busy!

Here are what several others said about the action packed weekend:

What made this event so powerful? Having a vast array of instructors teach on everything from Kick Boxing to Ground Fighting, Weapons to Close Quarters, traditional moves to contemporary concepts, techniques to drills, practical training to extremely interesting philosophy.

I would love to say this was an easy event to organize. But it wasn't. It was overly time consuming, extremely expensive to put on and a logistical nightmare. Picture 5 Instructors from across the US, coordinating 5 in person seminars, plus 5 online broadcasts, attendees from over a dozen states, and viewers from across the world. But all of the hard work my dedicated staff and I put into it paid off with an incredible experience.

If you missed it, you really did miss out. These 5 Instructors will probably never all be teaching in the same place again…

Except for in the Online JKD DVD program you can get right now.

It takes their lessons, teachings, drills, moves, tips and secrets and condenses them on to a historical JKD DVD series you have to own!

Here is a brief summary of what is covered by each instructor:

Tim Tackett

(total approximate running time: 2.5 hours)

  • Tim Tackett has been around the block. As the seminar’s most senior instructor, Tim shared tons of his knowledge. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:
  • The secret of trapping immobilization
  • How to use the high point trap
  • Leg destructions in detail
  • The “striking downward lop sao”
  • How to use the trapping side head strike
  • Why the straight fist lop sao is so devastating
  • The combo “all together lop sao”
  • So much more!

Daniel Lonero

(total approximate running time: 2.5 hours)

  • Attendees were blown away at the level of knowledge that this young instructor had. There is no doubt why Guru Inosanto has him as one of the main instructors at the Inosanto Academy. Here is just a bit of what Daniel covered at the seminar:
  • A simple and super effective warm up drill you have to start using today to build your flexibility and quickness
  • How to use the jag step, in addition to the pendulum and “rock a shuffle”, which subconsciously confuses and unbalances your opponent
  • Hand trapping exercises you’ll have to watch in slow motion, but will build skills like none of your friends or training partners have seen
  • Several trapping sequences you can start using in your training asap - with numerous striking weapons
  • Ground fighting, covering guard passes and strikes you never knew existed
  • How to use the “attach or capture” to up your close quarters game
  • Blindside your opponent with the secret of the running hand strike
  • The 5 levels of speed – you have to know this info!
  • Silat entry and follow ups which floored our attendees
  • Why the attack by combo drill must be in your training arsenal, and how it can deliver multiple strikes within 2-3 seconds
  • Tons more!

Rick Tucci

(total approximate running time: 1 hour)

  • Sifu Tucci many times is referred to as the “instructor’s instructor”, and you’ll see why as he eloquently shows extremely effective techniques and training methods. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:
  • Female/male triangle… finally get this info down, and gain solid footwork skills
  • Quickly counter attack your attacker with the importance of the shuffle, and how to do it correctly
  • The drill you must know: the sector pass drill (this was a crowd favorite!)
  • The secret of “splitting the bamboo”, increasing your empty hand and weapon defenses!
  • Maintaining the fighting measure, with use of the Jeet Tec (this move will also blow your attacker's knee out!)
  • Offensive highline series, including jabs, crosses and hooks... too much to write!
  • Much, much more!

Dwight Woods

(total approximate running time: 3 hours)

  • Although Dwight joked about his age, there was no doubting his wisdom. He had the crowd either in deep thought, or laughing hysterically! Here is some of what he covered:
  • The JKD / Kali connection, mixing two of the most street savvy arts together
  • The importance of the lateral triangle, and why it gives you an attack angle your opponent will never see coming
  • Six count and close 4 drills, plus 14 count!!! Rarely seen on film!
  • Want weapon's skills? Quick lessons which will take years off your training? Then you must see these stick and dagger drills
  • How to use double stick to increase empty hand speed - and put fear in any attacker's heart
  • The only two levels of JKD you can be in… you’ll have to think about this one! Very deep, very important. It will change how you view training (and living!)
  • Two more hours from Dwight, this is just a small taste!

Jim McCann

(total approximate running time: 3 hours)

  • Jim McCann was the no-nonsense combat instructor of the weekend. Every instructor showed how to fight, but Jim took it up to the next level by taking it to the street. Here is a quick summary of some of the things you’ll learn on his DVDs:
  • The importance of the combat clock - this awareness mindset will help you mentally dominate your opponent
  • The shaky hand drill (great way to develop snappy punches)
  • The secret of the retreating j-hook step - super functional street fighting move!
  • Several takedowns, including the double stiff arm - which will flop any attacker on his a**!
  • The brutal “skull stomp”... Attendees loved this move, and talked about it all weekend
  • A whole section on counters, and how to increase your effectiveness
  • The wheel throw – and additional follow ups - to rock your attacker's weak areas
  • How to defend against many different grabs (even the over/under hooks... MMA guys rarely know these)


You can get the whole Online Jeet Kune Do DVD series, which includes 8 DVDs of the in person seminars, and also all of the video 5 DVDs of the Virtual JKD Seminars (broadcast online) for only $147.


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One last thing, and extra bonus I'll throw in if you order right now. I've been blessed to be teaching JKD for almost 20 years through my "JKD only" schools around the Chicagoland area. I specifically didn't teach at the Summit for three reasons:

  1. I truly look up to each of these Jeet Kune Do Instructors, and am so grateful for what they shared. The event wasn't about me, but about them.
  2. I am always busy learning, didn't want the added responsibility of teaching and sat in awe scribbling notes with each instructor's teachings… so regardless of what level you're at, you'll learn a lot through these DVDs.
  3. Someone had to man the wheel of this event, and teaching would have put me over the top and sent me to the funny farm if I added one more thing to my to do list! 😉

In all seriousness, many of my students in my schools, and those I've seen throughout the years in my seminars and taught through my multi media products wanted me to teach on something.

Therefore, I reached into the vault and pulled out an intensive PRIVATE five hour seminar I taught on the Five Ways of Attack a while back. When a couple of my students and staff saw this product, they encouraged me to release it before 2012 ended.

So, we edited down to an information packed 2 hour DVD, and I'm giving it to you for free. When we sell it, we'll probably put it at around $50-100 because it contains so much info, but I wanted to give you something as a gift.

Jim McCan

  • The “Brim of fire” theory - Keeping the safe distance so attackers can't touch you
  • How to throw the most powerful shin kick (it will make you wince!)
  • Sprawl drills – plus takedown drills for balance (including head twist - a great way to dominate your attacker)
  • Caveman chi sao… you have to see this one!  Want lightning quick reflexes?  Learn this drill!
  • Ethical, moral and legal obligations, which will give you the perfect response to each unique scenario
  • It goes on and on… with so much more!


 The Half Dozen Dirty Secrets Other Martial Arts Schools Don’t Want You To Know

As a bonus if you order this course today, I’ll also send you a video program I’ve developed to help you find the best martial arts school or self-defense moves on the market today.

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Here are some other things you’ll learn:

  • What are the 3 types of schools and martial arts programs out there so you don’t get stuck in the wrong program
  • What are the three major reasons why people attend classes, and how identifying your “main” goal will help you reach it faster, saving you time
  • How knowing all of the areas of combat or ranges of fighting will help you find the perfect lessons for you
  • What is the difference between learning a technique or developing an attribute, so you don’t fail by becoming just a “martial arts encyclopedia”
  • Three questions you must answer about each program (this will save you tons of money)
  • Tons more!

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But, just for checking them out, I'll let you keep the access to my DVDs… remember, they were a gift, and I don't accept returned gifts, ok? Now you have zero excuses.

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PSS: I asked the in person attendees who's DVD would they buy if they could only get one, and you know what they said? Nothing. They had no answer, because they couldn't choose just one. One instructor complimented the other, and what one didn't have enough time to teach, another did. Therefore, these are not sold separately.


When you get together, the group that you all will able to get together and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to train with these gentlemen and to earn and sharpen up my skills. I have been practicing since I was six and I still continue to learn something new every day, So I really really appreciate you guys and hope you all will do it again so I could come back

Bill Robenson, Lifetime martial artist

You know what’s so great now, I have enjoyed pretty much everything, but if I were to pick one or two, I definitely like the obstruction kick, the stop kick as well as the straight punch. Both of those are very new to me, I know it’s very JKDish, it’s traditional. I’ve been teaching JKD for a while, I have never really practiced those, so to get that to my arsenal is outstanding. I’m enjoying everybody, I want to thank Matt Numrich for putting this together. Thank you so much.

Carlos Flores, 36

A lot of knowledge, it’s just their teaching is so much. There’s teaching so much in such a short period in time it’s like I almost wish it’s just a week long or maybe a couple of weeks. It’s just so much that they want to teach us in a few hours. It’s like it’s almost not enough. So you get you get everything down and after a couple of hours that you get with the Sifu and we sit there just thinking about it and you want to incorporate it and you want to do it more. I just want go over everything. It is so amazing.

Alex Smith, Construction worker

Pretty awesome, the first day it was 2 hours, it was really great. Dealt with a lot of stuff being inside plus Mr. Tackett just got done with some straight stuff. Very in depth. It’s not just throwing a punch, it’s how your body works into it. What results you should be looking. There’s a lot of guys walking around and offering feedbacks and really great stuff. It’s awesome

David Walker, Self-defense instructor

It’s fantastic. I’ve found its intense training. It’s very focused and fact that it’s I was her Friday night and in the space of a couple of hours we were done. I’m not so focusing in fancy techniques or anything, just effective what would you do if this happened. How do you asses that and respond to it

Patty Miles

It would be fast paced knowledge that you will pick about half of it. I wish I had more time to go through the moves. They were going so far, I have learned a lot. I learned how little I do know and how much I don’t know. So I would like to spend more time with these guys.

Jon Bond, IT employee

The instructors are top notch. They are very well spoken when they are demonstrating. Their moves are crisp. They go through several times to make you understand and break it down. So far it’s been a great experience for myself

Jake Samuel, 41

Outstanding performance. I would say being able to see really the same type of things I have been taught but in different manners by different instructors. You get a much better comprehension of the exactly how to perform different techniques etc.

Bruce Dickerson, Carpenter

I would say that the seminar was really cool. It’s not too fancy, lots of basic stuff that are very effective. Very interesting. Stuff you know already but they just elaborate to make it better. It’s really cool

Ruben Morales

It really covers a vast majority of like different techniques and everything. It’s really hard to actually come down in a narrow sense as to being to what is actually your favorite. It’s been so exciting.

Paul Davis

Weekend was very good. It’s always interesting to get a different perspective from other martial artists from around the country so great learning experience. I could do this again.

John Terranova

The fights are very good. A lot of information. I love it and everything that you can ask for this type of training

Emilio Jarez

It’s amazing, my knowledge all these instructors have had

Bill Edwards, Doctor

It’s pretty awesome. Good variety

Pat Riley

Amazing. It’s been so amazing.

Michael Falzone, 26

Amazing, the instructors so far have been exceptionally knowledgeable and very good at expressing what they have to teach which is a rarity in the martial world. A lot of times you get people who only know how fight but can’t relate that to anyone else. We’ve learned a lot of stuff so far. And even I’m at a level of instructor at EDS, there’s just tons and tons of new information. Everything from tiny little twists to your wrists to completely new ways to use tools whenever I need.

Gerald Nelson